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Our Heart

We all need community and encouragement to flourish in life. It’s just part of being human. But that need is going largely unmet due to the health crisis sweeping across our nation. Moms, in particular, are tackling even greater challenges than before—and unfortunately, those whose motherhood journey looks a little different from the norm are being left to overcome daily challenges on their own.

We created Stand By Her Cards, so you would have an easy way to encourage moms in your community. Hug her with your words and give her the gift of quality time through writing a thoughtful note. 

The ultimate guide to writing an encouraging note to all kinds of moms.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Encouraging Note to All Kinds of Moms

We know it can be challenging to find the right words, especially for women walking through unique motherhood journeys. So, we’re fueling your impact with this free guide including 6 practical card-writing tips and 3 sample letters.

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You Belong Here

This incredible community is composed of kind, thoughtful, and generous human beings from all over the nation. They’re encouragers and support-givers. And you’re going to fit right in.

Honestly, just dropping a note to say hi! As a single mom, just knowing there are others that get it—that’s so good to me right now!

Casey Cawthon

This whole motherhood thing is crazy hard! But kind words make all the difference.

Mariah Maza

It’s just a simple way to say “keep going strong mama, and I’m with you every step of the way!”

Kayla Izard

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100% of profits and donations from these cards fund scholarships and relief for pregnant women and single moms. To donate to the Voices Scholarship & Relief Fund directly, visit and check the box “give directly to the Voices Scholarship & Relief Fund."

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Nicole Stephens

About the Illustrator

Nicole Stephens, founder of Sonoran Pine Design Co., is a gifted illustrator, designer, and photographer. Her passion for supporting single and expectant moms united with her love for children inspired her designs of the Stand By Her Cards. An Arizonan turned Canadian, Nicole lives with her husband Bryan and dog Pepper in Hamilton, Canada.